We Wash, You Shine
Natural House Soft Washing
We Wash, You Shine
Natural House Soft Washing
We Wash, You Shine
Natural House Soft Washing
Long lasting deep clean
no pressure, no damage
come home happy

SEE the difference,
love the service

Absolutely wrapped with the service, professionalism and quality.

Pinnacle Property Services provides the ultimate in house and building washing.

Who do we wash for? Homeowners and commercial property owners/managers who want the best in service and finished result.

It’s Pinnacle Property Services’ high standard and consistency that sets the bar for the house and building wash industry Auckland wide.

Our mission is to make every home, and commercial building owner feel like they have had the five-star treatment
See the difference, love the service.

Natural Wash
Soft Washing Options

Pinnacle Property Services offer soft washing and natural soft washing options.

Soft washing is a super-fast process that brings a homes paint up like new.

Natural soft washing gets the same fantastic result and takes a little more time and care, but we think it’s worth it!

It is great if you are maintaining an organic garden or you just want a few less chemicals around the home.


The excessive use of harsh chemicals and poor work practices can lead to damage and water ingress.

Reduce those potential headaches with Pinnacle and experience the best in the business.

House cladding and paint surfaces appreciate regular washing with a soft, gentle approach, non-corrosive cleaning products and soft brush heads for that friendly house wash tickle-up.


Pinnacle Property Services will do a thorough job, whether you’re looking to get your house looking beautifully cared for or putting your home on the market.

The Magic Touch

At the same time, we take care to protect your home. All our house wash treatments use environmentally friendly chemicals and gentle pressure, so surfaces are carefully and rigorously cleaned without the risk of damage.


There’s no need to place towels under windows or mop up puddles. Our skilled house wash staff is trained to wash any home or cladding regardless of age or condition.



Our work is 100% guaranteed – if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, we’ll come back to fix it. We even provide a written report, with photos detailing the home’s appearance before and after our service.

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    We assess the age and condition of each surface and relay the cleaning method and result before we wash. This keeps you in the know and keeps your house/building surfaces protected

    Just great house and building washing that makes you shine.



    The PPS team are ready for whatever needs a wash.
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    Pinnacle Property Services are fully health and safety compliant and carry all EWP and Heights certification along with Safe Work Method Statements and a Health and Safety Policy